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Super 4 Series | High Performance End Mills

Super 4 Series, A Super family of 4 with Extreme Performance in their respective applications. Very High quality Carbide substrate with High performance coatings and complex Geometries gives them an upper edge to machine complex materials like Titanium/Inconel/pdfimgdivess Steel & Aluminum at very high material removal rates and still retain the Edge to give Optimum Life and productivity.

ISO code USA code Grain Size Cobalt Percentage Density Hardness
Co(%) g/cm3 HV10 HV30 HRA
K20-K30 C-2 0.4┬Ám 12 14.1 1760 1730 92.7
Our Super 4 Series Family

TX-STAR variable leads design End mill series     

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EDELSTAR variable leads design End mill series - for all types Stainless work piece.

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ALOSTAR series-End mill for Aluminum (For high glossy and no lateral scratch surface demand

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ULTRASTAR-Super fine for steel alloy End mill series

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