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YBL Star 2 (≤65 HRC) LN

Ball Nose End Mill - Long Neck Series


  • New cutting edge geometry achieves excellent fracture resistance considering their long neck compared to conventional end mills.
  • Ideal surface finish is achieved while maintaining constant cutting performance.
  • Three times 3 X tool life when machining deep moulds compared to competitors.
  • Innovative geometry designed to suit maximum wear resistance.
  • Accurate ball and corner radius finish enables right cutting efficiency and longer tool life.
  • Single-phase Nano SI coated end mills are suitable for machining up to 65 Hrc.

YBL Star 2 LN  YBL Star 2 LN  YBL Star 2 LN  YBL Star 2 LN  YBL Star 2 LN  YBL Star 2 LN

  • Diameter
  • Range
  • 1≤d<8
  • 0 / -0.02
YBL Star 2 LN