X60 Series
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Tristar (≤60 HRC)

High Performance End Mills − Regular Series
*Specially Made for Machining Stainless Steel


  • First choice for difficult to cut materials like Stainless Steel, Titanium alloy and Inconel.
  • Our Innovative technology we developed special geometry with desirable helix angle and new corner radius gave us huge success in high speed machining of Titanium and Inconel.
  • Cutting forces are reduced by adopting unique profile geometry on the flutes to make the chip flow smooth and longer tool life is possible.

Tristar  Tristar  Tristar  Tristar  Tristar  Tristar

  • Diameter
  • Range
  • 1≤d<8
  • 0 / -0.02
  • 8≤d<18
  • 0 / -0.03
  • 18≤d
  • 0 / -0.04