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TX Cornstar (≤55 HRC) LS

Corner Radius End Mills - Long Shank Series


  • TX Cornstar end mills are stronger, more durable and more resistant to wear even at higher feed rates and greater depth of cuts.
  • These end mills have a rounded corner, which is often used for slotting and pocketing in mold and in die making to reduce flute breakage& chipping.
  • These are center cutting and allowplunge cuts direct into a surface.
  • Two-flute ending mills give a greater chip clearance for high-volume, high-speed plunge and slotting cuts. The four-flute finishing mills provide finer finish and less vibration in working at high speeds.

XF Star 4/2  XF Star 4/2  XF Star 4/2  XF Star 4/2  XF Star 4/2  XF Star 4/2 XF Star 4/2

  • Diameter
  • Range
  • 1≤d<8
  • 0 / -0.02
  • 8≤d<18
  • 0 / -0.03
XF Star 4/2