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Carbide Cutting Tools - STNTOOLS

STNTOOLS have progressed gradually since 2001 and is today the world's leading manufacturer & supplier of carbide cutting tools. As quality manufacturers of high-performance cutting tools, we have an impeccable reputation based exclusively on our research and high standards of quality. Carbide tools are also referred to as tipped carbide cutting tools, which are used for milling, boring, forming and turning, can also be used as a single point and a multipoint tool to shape your components. The carbide tools also referred to as hard metal cutting tools, since they are made from very hard material, known as tungsten carbide.

Carbide cutting tools are typically used for removing excessive hard material in the modification process. STNTOOLS provides variety of cutting tools in different sizes and shapes. Carbide cutting tools like Flat endmills , Ball nose endmills, Drills, Reamers, indexable tools are used on various machines like CNC lathes, CNC Horizontal milling machines VMC machines, engine lathes, turret lathes, vertical turret lathes. These types of cutting tools are cost-effective, efficient tools, longer working life and achieve superior surface quality.

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Even our reconditioned tools guarantee a performance of 98% efficiency enabling extended tool life by restoring standard and special tool points and geometries to their original specification or geometry.